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Purchasing department

Gelia is a part of the Ahlsell-group and represents the DIY-division which operates on the Scandinavian market with electrical and sanitary material.

Gelia´s purchasing department work with product sourcing and purchasing for the DIY-market in the Scandinavian countries. We have suppliers in Europe and the Far East and we work only with suppliers that have all necessary approvals for their products, such as national standards, environment declarations etc.

We use the brand Gelia in our marketing in Scandinavia and we also try to profile the packaging of our products according to this.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have anything that might fit into our assortment.

Mr Kent Lundgren

Product Manager Electricity

+46-(0)514-588 34

Mr Tommi Ilo

Product Manager Electricity

+46-(0)514-588 35

Mr Marcus Leijon

Product Manager VS

+46-(0)514-588 44

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